Smart Wearables

Innovative Design

We pioneer the combination of V0-rated plastics with the double-shot molding process of plastic particles, and offer high-grade waterproof design. We have developed an innovative visual positioning algorithm for assembly of touch screens, solving the problem of scale offset for high-end round face smart watches.

Development of Sports & Health Algorithms

The sports algorithm independently developed based on neural network can generate more than one hundred of sports applications that are suitable for all kinds of hashrate equipment and satisfy requirements for power consumption. The health algorithm involves resting heart rate, calorie counting, heart rate alert, 24h continuous blood oxygen test, and sleep apnea syndrome

Quality Management

Automated Testing Pressure and precision tests are carried out for software and hardware to guarantee the stability, capability and high yield of products.

Precise assembly technology: We solved the industry-wide problem using our independently developed technologies with innovations, enabling our finished products to be ISO 13485 certified.