Groundbreaking Ceremony | Construction kicks off at Longcheer’s headquarters in Shanghai, and is expected to be put into operation in 2026

The salute at the construction site of plot 32-03 in Xinzhuang Town, Minhang District, Shanghai was fired to celebrate the groundbreaking of Longcheer’s headquarter building on March 24. Leaders and officials present at the ceremony include Chen Huawen, Deputy Secretary of the District Party Committee and District Head, Wang Xiangyang, member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee and Deputy District Head, Du Junhong, Chairman of Longcheer Group, etc.

Longcheer’s new headquarters will be mainly composed of a 100-meter-high building, which will be a new landmark  in Xinzhuang area after the completion. Moreover, all business units and upstream and downstream resources of Longcheer Group will be gathered here, forming an industrial cluster that integrates R&D, operations and investment management.

The building is expected to be completed in 2026 and will become a new regional landmark that accelerates the upgrading of enterprise service level.

Since its inception in 2002, Longcheer Group has grown from a start-up to a conglomerate with more than 10,000 employees after more than two decades of development. Longcheer has a footprint in many countries and regions around the world, which allows it to serve global clients including leading brands in terms of smart products. It has won honorary titles for consecutive years, including Top 100 Enterprises of the Service Industry in the Yangtze River Delta, Top 100 Enterprises in Shanghai, Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises in China, Top 500 Private Enterprises of the Manufacturing Industry in China, among others. In recent years, Longcheer has been increasing investment in construction and optimizing its strategic layout. According to the latest global smart phone ODM tracking report of Counterpoint Research, the global shipment shares of Longcheer’s smart phones in 2022 ranked first among ODMs.

At the groundbreaking ceremony, Du Junhong, Chairman of Longcheer Group, first delivered a speech. He said, "During the implementation of the project, Minhang District Government and Xinzhuang Town offered great help through their efficient and pragmatic services. I believe that after the completion of the project, Longcheer will focus on the technological innovation of electronic information and smart products depending on the advantages of Shanghai as China’s hub of qualified workforce and the development center of the integrated circuit industry. We will also promote Longcheer’s "1+Y" development strategy and continue to provide high-quality services for global leading consumer electronics brands and high-tech enterprises by leveraging our strong capabilities in terms of product design and supply chain integration."

(Design sketch of Loncheer’s headquarters building)

The headquarters building covers a total area of about 24.7 mu, with a total floor area of about 125,000 square meters. It will be consisting of R&D innovation center, test center, activity center, library, canteen, dormitory and other supporting facilities. The building is expected to be put into service on January 1, 2026. Designed with simple and modern architecture as well as cultural, technological and green elements, the park is positioned as a Class 5A first-level office park. It will provide all employees with an intelligent and comfortable office experience in a scientific atmosphere. After the groundbreaking ceremony, the construction will be conducted in full swing, and the building will become a new twinkling landmark in Xinzhuang area after completion.

      Longcheer's presence promotes the integration of industry resources and benefits the high-quality development of regional economy.

When talking about the reason why Longcheer and Xinzhuang Town chose each other, Wu Minhua, Secretary of Xinzhuang Town Party Committee, said in his speech, " Shanghai Longcheer Communication Technology Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Longcheer Group, was registered in Xinzhuang two decades ago. Now, Longcheer returns to Xinzhuang to establish a science and technology headquarters park, seeking a win-win cooperation with us. This is not only a recognition of us, but also an encouragement and urge for us. We will devote ourselves to providing considerate services for companies according to their demands, and develop the Xinzhuang area into a favorable place for healthy and rapid development of enterprises."

       Obviously, the completion of Longcheer’s headquarters will help create a stable community, drive the economic development of surrounding areas, so as to enhance the service level of Xinzhuang Business District in the area, and facilitate the continuous optimization of its business environment.

       Minhang District is making every effort to build itself into the sub-center of Shanghai. As the core hub that connects the south and north areas of Minhang District, Xinzhuang Town has been engaging in seizing new opportunities for development in recent years. A leader of Xinzhuang Town said, in his celebration speech, "Longcheer Group, as a leader in the field of new generation of information technology, will definitely help Xinzhuang develop into a specialized zone for integrated circuit industry and a counterpart of Zhangjiang Town in the east of Shanghai."


 As an industrial leader, Longcheer has been recognized by many brand partners, including Xiaomi, Samsung, Honor, OPPO, vivo, Lenovo, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Post Communications by virtue of its leading position in the industry, outstanding R&D and design capabilities, supply chain management capabilities and quality management capabilities in the whole production process. Now, Longcheer's decision on building its headquarters in Xinzhuang Town, Minhang District is an important step in its strategic planning and accelerated layout. In the future, Longcheer will continue adhering to the corporate mission of "creating new value for society with science and technology", and play the pacesetting role of advanced intelligent manufacturing enterprises to achieve high-quality industrial development.